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We change lives with our amazing ability to create money.

What's in a name? Our Story.

A lot of love, passion and optimism is baked into our name. Our big idea? We have a novel way of creating money. We give people the opportunity to use and share our amazing products and grow with us in everyway. We diligently seize opportunities for good and are driven by the positive change we can make. We see wide open fields of opportunity ahead and invite you to join us.

Frequently asked questions


Opptuny is a  collectable store. We sell a tangible product that coupled with our promise can perform like a financial instrument. By operating in this way we avoid all compliance and red tape associated with being a financial company. This allows us todo what we do best which is getting money into your hands. We do not aspire to be a financial services company as our ability to generate money will never be disclosed. In addition to all these fringe benefits we are able to operate more efficiently as a company and everyone benefits in this way.

Business Opportunity

Using your referral link "opptuny.com/join/{username}" we track which referred visitors you have sent to opptuny, and you are rewarded with a specific commission based on what the referred visitor did on opptuny.

If the visitor successfully completes a conversion (i.e. a sale), a referral will be generated and you will be awarded a commission.

You will also receive additional bonuses based on your referral's Opptuny Option's performance. 

Still have questions? support@opptuny.com