We are a
Beneficial Opportunistic Trustworthy

We are guided by a team of passionate executives whose mission is to put our secrets to good use.

Opptuny is a platform for magnifying the best intentions of people, focusing them and creating actual positive change in the world. When reflecting this upon ourselves, we were able to ignite our intentions and give back directly around the world where it’s needed most.

Capitalism has the capacity to facilitate positive change.

We are a brand that values people and the things they care about, and believe we can change the world together.


We achieve superior results through discipline and a bias toward action.


We operate with a spirit of mutual respect, integrity and truthfulness.


Success comes when we challenge the status quo and invest in innovation.

Our Leadership

Meet our corporate team

John Neal
John Neal

co-CEO / President, Opptuny

Responsible for the overall corporate administration and operations of the Opptuny Group.

DeShion DeShields
DeShion DeShields

co-CEO / Sales Leader, Opptuny

Opptuny Sales force leader responsible for motivation, training and overall company sales growth.

Daijah Stowe
Daijah Stowe

Vice President, Opptuny Business

Heads up all facets of the Opptuny Business Division.